About Indian Auto Gates

INDIAN AUTO GATES is a high tech enterprise providing automation solutions. It specializes in development of high quality, reliable auto gate and shutter system series. Can meet requirements of different environtment and different level applications.

We are giving inovated technology and high quality products that can meet market demand at home. We know relations of good cooperation with customers, and to provide that best solution for our customers. We are technically collaborated with world's most reputed auto gate and shutter system product manufacturers.

High quality, honest and indoor the management guideline that INDIAN AUTO GATES has been persisting and they are also the base for the rapid development of the company. We sincerely hope that our effort will give you the most satisfactory service in future.

B.Azharudeen B.E


Our products and systems are provided building safety.
Most of our users are residential and industrial facilities.


Specially we makes Stainless steel Plain and ornamental type gates.


The auto shutters operate with aid of automation controls and installed by using intelligent sensors and remote controls.


This is an advanced inovated system. In this system the gate from one end to another end with some conditions and the help of automation.


Auto gate system introduces a variety of new and unique features both in terms of outlook style and operation devices and available models.

1.Swing type
2.Slide type

3.Folding type


Auto gate system consist Gear system based AC (or) DC motor assembly, Gear Rack, Control panel, Release key, transmitter, Receiver and UPS system (optional).


Fully powered by electromechanical motor and gears results in smoother and quieter gate operations.
Use the high quality materials that provide high corrosion resistance for longer durability.
Disigned with complete weather and water proof protection.
Release clutch system allows gate to be easily pushed by hand in the event of power failure.
Use the sensors to stop the gate in case any obstacle hits.
It carries max. load weighing upto 2200 kg.


We are proudly inform that our concern handling Import & Export of high quality gates both stainless steel and CR ornamental gates with automation system.


We are desing and developing auto gate opening ststem and its intelligent logic panel board, accessaries with international stantard. Which is advanced from present auto gate world.

Auto Folding Gates

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Auto Sliding Gates

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Auto Swing Gates

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